Blooming Dots

Daniela Tabois Ruffle Peplum Top1 Daniela Tabois Ruffle Peplum Top2 Daniela Tabois Ruffle Peplum Top3 Daniela Tabois Ruffle Peplum Top4 Daniela Tabois Ruffle Peplum Top5 Daniela Tabois Ruffle Peplum Top6 Daniela Tabois Ruffle Peplum Top7 Daniela Tabois Ruffle Peplum Top8

Photos Taken By Nico Dawson 

This spring we’re taking things up a notch by paring our Rose Ruffle Top with our Polka Dot Pants for a bold statement. Shop look on site.


3 thoughts on “Blooming Dots

  1. If love the ruffle top and pants…I’m looking for a top exactly like this except I would prefer a wide V neck with ruffles or off the shoulders with a semi wide collar…the pants are perfect style only I need black only..This is a wedding afire of my choice as its a second marriage, will be casual, yet classy. I am a very young 64 year old grandmother that feels 30….I have the exact visual in my mind but, I can’t draw….just thought I’d put this bug in your ear to see what you may think. I love the way the top flares and especially in the back as it would hide my flat butt and would also be flattering in the front hiding a little belly…..!! I have a long yet elegant neck with short hair and a jeweled neckline doesn’t work for me…wide v neck or lower but not too low boat neck off the shoulder with a ruffle or semi wide collar..
    Thank you so much for reading!

    • Hi Debbie, Have you visited our online store? We have a off the shoulder style top that can be modified into this ruffles peplum top by adding ruffles at the neckline. Visit our store for more options at and you email me for more information at

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